VyOS Site-to-Site IPSEC VPN Tunnel

Introduction Using a VyOS Router Appliance, you can establish a secure site-to-site VPN connection between two (or more) locations. In this walk-through, we will show you how to setup two VyOS routers as firewalls and then how to establish a site-to-site IPSEC VPN tunnel between the two sites. For the IPSEC encryption, we will be […]

Wireshark ~ Remote capture to Windows Client

Have you ever needed to capture network traffic on a Linux server and wanted to send the capture data directly to your Windows PC running Wireshark? Capturing and inspect network traffic with “tcpdump” is usually painful. Of course, “tcpflow” can be a very useful tool, but is not always enough to sniff in a console. Wireshark is […]

EVE-NG ~ Emulated Virtual Environment Server

What is EVE-NG? EVE-NG is a graphical network emulation server that supports both commercial and open-source router and server images. Key Features KVM HW acceleration Topology designer “click and play” Import/export configuration Labs xml file format Picture import and maps “click and play” Custom kernel support for L2 protocols Memory optimization ( UKSM ) CPU […]

IPv6 ~ Subnetting Reference Guide

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the latest version of the Internet Protocol (IP), the communications protocol that provides an identification and location system for computers on networks and routes traffic across the Internet. IPv6 was developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to deal with the long-anticipated problem of IPv4 address exhaustion. IPv6 […]

Ubuntu ~ GRE Tunnel to Cisco Router

Ubuntu Server Tunnel auto tun1 iface tun1 inet static address {{local-private-ip4-address}} netmask pre-up iptunnel add tun1 mode gre local {{local-public-ip4-address}} remote {{remote-public-ip4-address}} ttl 255 up ifconfig tun1 multicast pointopoint {{remote-private-ip4-address}} post-down iptunnel del tun1 If you are running a firewall on your Ubuntu server, you will need to make sure to allow GRE tunnelling […]

LAB ~ BGP Route Advertisement Server

Have you ever needed to emulate a full Internet routing table, with actual AS Path attributes, and community attributes in a lab environment before? I recently had a need for my lab environment to have the capabilities to emulate the Internet routing tables, but without actually having a peer session with a public connection.  By […]

VyOS ~ Initial Installation and Setup

VyOS General Firewall Configuration Compatible Version: 1.2.x set system host-name ‘vyos-firewall’ set service ssh port ’22’ set system time-zone ‘UTC’ set system name-server ‘’ set system name-server ‘’ set system ntp server set system ntp server set system ntp server set system syslog global facility all level ‘notice’ set system syslog global […]

VyOS ~ Settings up a Black Hole Route Server

What is Black Hole Routing? DDoS blackhole routing/filtering (sometimes called blackholing), is a countermeasure to mitigate a DDoS attack in which network traffic is routed into a “black hole,” and is lost. When blackhole filtering is implemented without specific restriction criteria, both legitimate and malicious network traffic is routed to a null route or black […]